Donald Trump Is Reluctant to Abandon Saudi Allies over Case of Missing Journalist

President Donald Trump is displaying the patience that he asked people to show in critical situations, and he is defending his Saudi allies in the case of the missing journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. Talking to media on Thursday, Donald Trump mentioned that he wasn’t looking to abandon his links with Saudi Arabia, over flawed evidence related to the case of the missing Saudi journalist.

Trump said he was eagerly waiting for a full report to come through so that he could know what exactly had happened to Saudi Journalist Khashoggi.

Trump said he realized the gravity of the situation, which is why he had sent the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and was waiting for a formal report from his side to decide what to do with the case.

On the contrary, Turkish government officials believe that Khashoggi, who is also a columnist at the Washington Post and has been a critic of the authoritarian rule of Mohammed bin Salman, was brutally murdered at Saudi Arabia’s consulate on October 2.

The Saudis have currently denied any allegations pertaining to the matter.

Trump has given his full support to Riyadh and said that he wouldn’t want to back off from an agreement with the Saudi government based on these claims.

“I want to find out what happened, where is the fault, and we will probably know that by the end of the week,” Trump said to the reporters.

“We have asked for it, if it exists … I’m not sure yet that it exists, probably does, possibly does,” he said of the video or audio evidence.

It is good to see an American President standing for its country’s allies and not letting the fake news get in the way of their relationship.

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