You Can Now Visit Mars on Earth with Google

If you want to know more about the lives on the Red Planet, Google will allow you to see more of the Devon Island, which is also known as “Mars on Earth”, right on your screen.

Google Street View has added images of the Devon Island, which is a huge uninhabited island on Earth. It’s been said that the island is unlivable and it’s planed in the Canadian Arctic. It got its “Mars on Earth” nickname, due to the fact that the weather and the terrain are the closest of Mars we have on our planet.

Google made a great website, that’s dedicated to the Devon Island, and it has shown the rocky terrain and the polar-desert climate. These work pretty well for the researchers who want to visit the area. It’s also perfect for those scientists who want to prepare for possible Red Planet explorations.

Haughton Mars Project’s role in this

The company has teamed with Haughton Mars Project (HMP) to offer information about the Devon Island. According to the website, there are different types of strategies and technologies for future Mars missions. The HMP also has its focus on the moon, the deep space, which are very important for the exploration of Mars.

The most important area of HMP is currently studying the 23-million-year-old Haughton crate which is similar to the surface of Mars than any place on our Earth. This crater was once occupied by a massive lake, and it has a structure of 12.4-mile-wide, caused by an asteroid.

Because of the cold climate from the Devon Island, the crater did not suffer a lot of erosion damage. According to Google Earth, the crater is one of the best-preserved impact structures from our planet.

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