Highschool Students to Send an Experiment to Space

Some Michigan high school students have made an experiment that will be conducted by astronauts at the International Space Station. The best part is that it has potential to assist in future space missions.

Who are these students?

The experiment was made by freshmen kinds, Kale Cerny, Hattie Holmes, Lainey Wickman and Langley Nelson and it is the third time students from Traverse City West Senior High School were chosen for NASA’s international “Student Spaceflight Experiments Program”.

What’s the experiement about?

For this experiement, bacteria are grown on silicon in order to create oxygen or energy that can be eventually used to recycle water during long-distance space travel. The idea was born in October. They said that the first thing they thought about was if it’s going to be any good, if the response and the outcome’s going to be good, if they can work on this idea and, most importantly, if this idea could help space missions.

They’re working with experts from NASA now

All of the 4 kids have been working with NASA officials to make sure that the experiment meets the guidelines of the program, and, of course, the safety precautions.

These kids have really big dreams, and ever since they were younger they wanted to take part in NASA projects. Well, now they can. And the experience is amazing.

This experiment will be launched into space in early summer or late spring. The students will conduct research on Earth, as a control experiment. The experience is fantastic and to watch your experiment go to the International Space Station – in a rocket – is a huge deal.

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