Apple Will Launch iPad Pro, iPad Mini and Ceramic Apple Watch in 2019

Apple wants to release the iPad Pros and iPad minis in 2019, together with the new ceramic Apple Watch design, according to some sources.

Better processors for iPads in 2019

Ming-Chi Kuo, who’s the TF International Securities analyst said recently that Apple wants to release the two new iPad Pro models with new, upgraded processors in 2019, together with a better iPad mini.

Apple has not come with anything new to the Mini line series ever since 2015 when they released Mini 4. People were quite disappointed in the pricing and the compact design at that time.

Why last year’s model was not as popular?

The budget iPad came in 2017, and firstly had 9.7 inches, but now is expected to get to 10.2 inches, the thing that shows a similarity with the base 2017 iPad Pro. The model of last year came with Apple Pencil support. However, it was still behind Pros, because it had Lightning and not USB-C, and Touch ID, and not Face ID. Its performance was also slower, and the display lacked True Tone and ProMotion.

Apple Watch to finally come with ceramic casing

The ceramic casing design for Apple Watch is set to come out this year, as well. Initially, this idea was dropped from the Watch ideas, when the Series 4 was launched last fall. Probably due to poor sales, or maybe some production issues, or because Apple was simply not feeling it.

He mentioned other devices, too: second-generation AirPods

Kuo also talked about brand new three iPhones, AirPods (second-generation) and a MacBook Pro, of 16-16.5 inches. He also mentioned at some point a 31.6-inch monitor of 6K.

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