Apple iPad Mini 5: Leaks to Show 2 New Products in 2019

New leaks on the internet show that Apple might have some plans regarding the iPad range and it might release at least two new devices in 2019. One of them will probably be the iPad Mini 5, that will come with a 7.9-inch display screen. The other one could be the next in line after the 9.7 inch iPad, that can actually have 10 inches worth of display.

The protective cover of the iPad Mini 5

There’s a picture on the internet that shows the protective cover of the iPad Mini 5. At first, you’ll see the space that’s made for the camera, placed on the top left of the image. People may believe it’s because Apple wants to fit two cameras in the iPad. But, if we are to think about it, we’ll say that the place is made for a camera and a flash. Other specs you can guess from the protective cover is that there’s a .5 mm audio out jack and a dual-speaker system, that’s possible to deliver stereo sound.

Apple wants to expand the sale of iPads

We all know that iPhones bring millions worldwide, but Apple has focused more on iPads in 2018 and they even announced the drastic price cuts for the iPad models, in order to boost sales.

Truth be told, the 9.7 inch iPad did show some impressive numbers, and releasing a new model, of 10-inch, might be a very good card played in 2019.

iPad Mini 5 did not see any new updates for a while now, and we see the point in releasing a 7.9 inch iPad, that comes as an option when Samsung releases a 7.3-inch foldable smartphone.

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