First Hindu Woman Elected to Senate in Pakistan

For the first time in history, a female Hindu has been elected to the Pakistan Senate in an election held this weekend, defeating a cleric who was linked to the Taliban.Krishna Kumari... Read more »

UN to Provide Humanitarian Aid “Between Attacks”

The UN is to provide  aid to Eastern Ghouta, an enclave of rebels opposed to the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, which has been hit by deadly bombardments in the last 15... Read more »

Germany’s Political Deadlock Finally at an End

This weekend the Social Democratic Party of Germany voted to renew a coalition with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, guiding the way for her 4th term after half a year of political... Read more »

Syrian man broadcasts live on Facebook moments after killing wife

A Syrian man living in Germany stabbed and killed his wife just moment before he went live on Facebook. Abu Marwan, 41, told Facebook viewers on the live feed “this is how... Read more »

U.S. Aircraft Carrier to Visit Vietnam

The news was released this weekend announcing that for the first time since the Vietnam War ended, a United States aircraft carrier will be making a scheduled port call in Vietnam on... Read more »

Vladimir Putin Promises Massive Victory For Future of Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is almost guaranteed re-election on the 18th of this month, pledged “victories” to Russia today in a campaign in Moscow with thousands of supporters . “We want... Read more »

Sharks in Greenland in their Natural Habitat

142 Greenland sharks were identified in Newfoundland. This marine species is one of the largest and oldest on the planet inhabiting the icy waters of Nunavut. Scientists collected more than 248 hours of... Read more »

Vatican report uncovers orgies scandal among gay priests

In a statement, the Neapolitan archdiocese explains that it received the report on February 28th from Francesco Mangiacapra, a young gigolo who has been responsible for gathering information and transmitting it to... Read more »


22 projects were approved under the National Irrigation Program, totaling 248 million. “At this moment, 22 projects are approved, which correspond to 248 million euros, and the remaining will be to approve... Read more »

West Palm Beach City Commissioner Shanon Materio Hasn’t Committed To Serving A Full Two-Year Term

Materio has a checkered past of using the political process to support her personal ambitions Those running for mayor of West Palm Beach are beginning to announce their candidacy for the March... Read more »