Trudeau says he has the ability to “de-program” terrorists

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fired shots at each other today in question period on the issue of Jihadists returning to Canada.

When Scheer said Trudeau is “so focused on reintegration and not putting these people in jail,” the PM responded after his regular rant of keeping Canadians safe:

“But we also have methods of de-emphasizing or de-programming people who want to harm our society,” he said.

Trudeau also said Conservatives learning nothing from the last election.

“They ran an election on snitch lines against Muslims. They ran an election on islamophobia and division. And still they play the same games trying to scare Canadians. The fact is, we focus on the security of Canadians and we always will. And they play politics of fear. And Canadians reject that,” Trudeau said.

Scheer will go head to head against Justin Trudeau in 2019, the shots fired at each other are just beginning.


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About the Author: Galina Kozlovs

Galina is a freelance writer who has experience writing in the digital world for 4 years when she quit her job, her interests in current world affairs gave her the drive to pursue a career in journalism before retiring. Galina originates from Russia, lived in Canada for a short time between 2011 and 2013, then moved to New York to pursue her career.