Hillary Clinton Brainwashes Canadians in Toronto “democracy is under attack”

“What happened?” Remains the question.

Hillary Clinton went silent after losing the Presidency to Donald Trump last November until recently when her book titled “What happened” was released.

Clinton showed up in Canada to promote her book at the Enercare Centre in Toronto to a sold out crowd of 5500.

“Democracy is under attack everywhere. It’s not only my country” she warned to crowd.

Clinton blames everyone but herself in her new book, she blamed the former FBI director James Comey, Donald Trump and the Russians, she said Canadians need to fight against Russia.

“It’s a clear and present danger to our democracy and I think to any democracy in the West,” she told the crowd.

The threats from Russia “requires us to act and act decisively.”

Clinton didn’t forget to attack Wikileaks founder Julian Assange who released emails that may have caused her the election.

“Assange is somebody who I think is very much in the orbit, maybe even the control, of the Kremlin, doing its bidding,” she said.

In a recent Tweet, Assange posted a email showing almost direct collusion from the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg.

Hillary Clinton remains to be a perfect example of Hypocrisy, it’s best for her to stay out of Canada and not continue to brainwash Canadians.

She has plans to visit Vancouver and Montreal in the near future.

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Benjamin Diaz

About the Author: Benjamin Diaz

Benjamin Diaz started working for Debate Report in 2017. Ben grew up in a small town in northern Ontario. He studied chemistry in college, graduated, and married his wife a year later. Benhas been a proud Torontonian for the past 10 years. He covers politics and the economy. Previously he wrote for CTV News and the Huffington Post Canada.


  1. As a Canadian I am embarrassed by their apparent ignorance of the true story of the election and Hillary Clinton’s past and the Clinton Foundation. Unfortunately all Canadians ever hear or see are the lies of the Left Wing controlled media fed to them by the US mainstream media which is the picked up by the Canadian media with no attempt to fact check. I have a number of relatives in Canada and every time we speak all I get is the US Left Wing talking points and propaganda simply reprinted or rebroadcast on Canadian TV and print.

    I guess I should not be surprised look who they voted for PM.

    1. Hey Bill, not everyone voted for him, and the ones that did were duped. Hopefully after his lies are exposed he’ll be voted out next election. He’s failing on campaign promises, and most Canadians are already fed up with his spending, his open border immigration policy, and the payment to terrorist Omar Bomber Quadar, the biggest slap in the face to Canadian taxpayers ever. At the rate he’s going my great, great grand children will be paying his debts & Canada will be living under Sharia Law. Cheers from The Right Coast!

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