Paradise Papers: Trudeau’s election Campaign may be subject to CRA investigation

Justin Trudeau’s election campaign may have been conducted illegally according to new reports from the highly publicized Paradise Papers.

The Paradise Paper were leaked to and revealed the one percent who attempted to evade tax laws, including in the names released was Trudeau’s chief fundraiser for his election campaign, Stephen R. Bronfman.

Trudeau used Bronfman to help raise money for his election campaign which proved victory in 2015.

Bronfman’s private-investment company, Claridge, helped move millions of dollars offshore to Kolber family entities that may have avoided taxes in Canada.

Knowing this may trigger an investigation from the Canada Revenue Agency as their statement said they will crack down on any wrongdoing.

“In the event that further details come to light, CRA will not hesitate to investigate and take further action as warranted.”

National Revenue Minister said on Sunday that “the CRA is reviewing links to Canadian entities and will take appropriate action in regards to the Paradise Papers.”


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About the Author: Galina Kozlovs

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