Wildfire in Similkameen to Be Caused by Lightning Strike

The B.C Wildfire Service has recently sent air tankers and helicopters to fire on south of Cawstonon the west face of Mt. Kobau. All of this happened on Highway 3. 

They believe that the fire was caused by lightning, as per officer Taylor MacDonald. It is estimated to have expanded to three hectares, and it is expected to grow.  

Six wildfire crews have been sent to the place, and more were expected to arrive in the evening. Officers said that there were no structures that were threatened by the fire.  

This fire is one of the several ones in the South Okanagan and Similkameen that have started after two electrical storms. They moved through the region last Wednesday morning. 

After, three crews have been sent to the Crater Creek fire, but this time, on the north side of Cathedral Provincial Park, to also get rid of a lightning-caused wildfire. Officials sent one helicopter to bring water to the site.  

There was also a spot-sized fire in MacIntyre Bluff, which is placed north of Oliver, where three wildfire crews fought to break it down.  

People believe that the mall blaze was ignited by a lightning strike that happened on Tuesday night 

The Richter Mountain wildfire was estimated to be 403 hectares in size 

According to some sources, the fire is as of now showing a low level of activity, and it is not producing a lot of smoke. 

Officials have said that Monday’s suppression efforts will focus on the ground. They also said that they won’t be focusing that much on-air support because there are additional crews on the site. The teams are working in steep terrain, and, of course, safety is the number one priority. 




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