Why Everything You Know About 60 Russian Women Wait Trial in Iraq over ISIS Membership Is A Lie

60 Russian Women Wait for Trial in Iraq over ISIS Membership

At least 60 Russian women are awaiting trial in Iraq over an illegal entry, membership in the ISIS Takfiri terrorist team and involvement in acts of terror throughout the war-ravaged Arab country.

Ziyad Sabsabi, a Russian senator and also Deputy Chairman of the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, said the suspects face sentences which could level to the death penalty, noting that most of the women deny their charges.

He pointed out that almost a dozen of them is going to stand trial on Sunday, stating that there are children, who are less than three years old and staying in prison with their mothers.

On April 17 the Supreme Judicial Council of Iraq declared in a statement that the Central Criminal Court had sentenced three Azerbaijani women and a female Kyrgyz citizen to passing within affiliation to ISIS terror ensemble.

The court has given life sentences to two Russian nationals and one woman from France.

On April 2, the Central Criminal Court sentenced six Turkish women to death and handed down a life term into another.

The women, all followed by little children, told the court that they had entered Iraq to join their husbands, who had been battling inside the ranks of the terror outfit.

In January, Iraqi juvenile officers sentenced a German citizen of Moroccan origin to death by hanging based on Anti-Terrorism Law.

Judicial Council, “said the girl, whose identity was not disclosed, had confessed during analyses she flew from Germany to Syria also to Iraq, as she had a formidable notion in ISIS.

The German citizen has been accompanied by her two brothers, who afterward married members of ISIS terrorist group. Iraq has arrested at 560 women, also 600 kiddies, identified as Takfiris or family relations of most ISIS terrorists.

Pros estimate that a total of 20,000 individuals are being held in Marriage at Iraq for alleged membership of ISIS. The Baghdad government hasn’t released a formal figure as yet.

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