Was Hillary Clinton the Worst Presidential Candidate Ever? Here are 4 Reasons Why She Was

The elections have gone by, and we have swiftly moved into the middle of Trump’s regime, and things are going great. The POTUS has introduced tax cuts, improved the economy, and shown the strength that was expected of him in the foreign front. America is back at leading talks, and by the look of things, we are well on our way to become great again.

However, we cannot simply forget the elections of 2016 and the candidate that was Hilary Clinton. Many think that she’s the worst presidential candidate ever, and here are 4 reasons to back their claim.


Come on, from the list of presidential candidates during the last century, who would you rather go on a ball with? Obviously, Hilary would be last on the list. We’re assuming even Bill might avoid her company.


There was something wrong with the woman during her campaign. She had cough attacks, had fits and wasn’t in her best physical shape. Obviously, being the liar that she is, we didn’t expect her to be open with what’s physically troubling her.


Please tell us how Hilary was considered accomplished enough to become a presidential candidate? She was a sorry excuse, even for Democratic standards. She married the right guy and stuck by him. With the standards Trump had set, few people called what Hilary had done as an accomplishment.

Email Scandal

Hilary’s carelessness with classified information was a major reason why many Democrats thought it was time to go for someone less careless than her. The scandal started in July of 2015 and did derail her campaign.

Hilary barely stood a chance with such a big scandal behind her back.

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