Venezuelan Troops to Abandon Their Posts After Protesters Got Violent

There are at least five troops from Venezuela that have an abandoned their posts at the border of the country with Columbia due to protesters getting violent day by day.

The soldiers abandoned their posts near the Simon Bolivar International Bridge, and then they requested assistance from the Colombian immigration officials. Near Urena,  Venezuelan officials have fired with tear gas and bullets made out of rubber at those protesters that wanted to cross the border in order to find something to work. Also, people have seen the protesters attacking busses and throwing rocks at the troops.

People were killed and others injured

At the country’s border with Brazil, four people were killed on a Friday, and another 18 were injured by Colectivos, which is represented by armed gang members who are supporters of the president Nicolas Maduro. We found this from Alfredo Romero, who is the director and president of the Venezuelan human rights Association called Foro Penal.

These tensions have happened due to the opposition leader and the self-declared president Juan Guaido, who took the decision to lead a truck with thousands of volunteers to the Colombian border in order to collect at least 200 tons of things that will help people, like food and medicine. On Saturday, Guaido has announced that the first supplies of aid have crossed the border from Brazil and this meant that it was a successful thing. However, the news disproved this and have shown that two trucks are stuck at the Venezuelan border, together with all of the supplies.

Guaido said last month that Nicolas Maduro’s re-election from May 2018 was not a valid thing, and he wanted to vote do be re-done.

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