Vatican report uncovers orgies scandal among gay priests

In a statement, the Neapolitan archdiocese explains that it received the report on February 28th from Francesco Mangiacapra, a young gigolo who has been responsible for gathering information and transmitting it to the ecclesiastical authorities.

It has done so by providing a large amount of material integrated into the document, 1,233 pages and in which it includes explicit images, copies of conversations with priests in Internet applications or documentation, among other things. Sepe says in the note that “those who have made mistakes must pay and must be helped to repent of the evil caused.”

“Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe has taken note of the document, with conversations, and, since it involves different dioceses, he has decided to transmit it to the competent ecclesiastical authorities of the Vatican so that they can take whatever measures they deem necessary,” the text indicates. Mangiacapra himself said in the same statement that the dossier contained 34 priests and 6 seminarians and that during his investigation he had not heard of cases of pedophilia or criminal behavior: “They are sins, not crimes,” he points out.

The scandal discovered (gay, gay, bisexual and trans-gender) “Gay-news”, which detailed some of the practices in which many priests would have incurred, such as orgies, gay contacts through mobile applications or exhibitionism with cameras by Internet. They assure that there is a coadjutor of the basilica of San Juan de Letrán in Rome that roams around the city in an official car promising work to men and paying companions or priests who organize orgies or get drunk in the discotheques.

“The behavior of the ecclesiastics that I indicate is, in many cases, the result of the impunity that the leaders of the Church have accustomed them to: that unjust tolerance that feeds the idea of ​​being able to continue separating what is done from what is he says, typical of a double schizophrenic morality, “says Mangiacapra.

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