Utah Mayor Killed on Duty in Afghanistan

The mayor of a city in Utah was killed in an insider attack in Afghanistan, within the capital city of Kabul, on Saturday. The state’s lieutenant governor has reinstated that the attack seems to be one from the inside.

The death of Mayor Brent Taylor, who is the mayor of North Ogden and also a member of the Utah National Guards, was confirmed to the media by a depressed Utah Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox. Spencer revealed the details while writing a tribute of sorts on Facebook for the departed soul.

“I hate this,” Cox wrote in the tribute. “I’m struggling for words. I love Mayor Taylor, his amazing wife Jennie and his 7 sweet kids.”

The NATO-led mission to Afghanistan revealed details on Saturday about a member of the team being killed, but they did not identify the exact member. “Initial reports indicate the attacker was a member of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces.

Initial reports also indicate the attacker was immediately killed by other Afghan Forces,” the mission said within a statement released on Friday.

The U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis revealed on Saturday that the training and vetting of all Afghan forces was being drastically stepped up to minimize all such attacks. He also mentioned that security is being assessed because of which they have scaled back some advisory and training operations being held in the camp.

Just last month, General Scott Miller, a NATO commander in Afghanistan, escaped unhurt after he was the chief target of a shooting attempt by the bodyguard of a provincial governor.

The shooting attack also targeted a group of Afghan and United States officials in the province of Kandahar.

Taylor had just reminded Americans to vote in Tuesday’s congressional elections a week ago, saying, “Whether the Republicans or the Democrats win, that we all remember that we have far more as Americans that unites us than divides us.”


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