United States to Cut the Number of Refugees Allowed in Country to 30,000

The Trump administration has taken its stance on the refugee issue, and decided to cut the number of refugees allowed within the United States to 30,000 from 45,000.

Trump, who has been against the inflow of unsupervised refugees within the country, earmarking them as threats to the culture and the dynamics of the state, had talked about reducing the number during his campaign. This announcement follows criticism by certain humanitarian groups accusing the administration of not facilitating the refugees by setting a bar as low as 45,000.

Now, by further reducing the number of refugees that U.S. would take into its borders, Trump has given a clear message to foreign humanitarian governments and agencies. The country is not going to budge under international leftist pressure, and would stand tall with its stance.

It is interesting to note here that the U.S. welcomed nearly 85,000 refugees when President Obama sat at the helm of his affairs. This number emerged from records pertaining to the final year of Obama’s government.

The refugee crisis is a growing concern within the United States, and other parts of the growing West. States in Canada and groups in Europe are starting to protest against the unchartered entry of uncivilized refugees from third world countries. A British Member of Parliament recently talked about this issue, and mentioned how the refugee crisis was leading to third world problems in the developed world. If you remove all barriers to entry for people from third world countries, your country will start experiencing third world problems.

Sex trafficking, rape and other crimes by refugees are high across regions in Europe and Canada. Knowing these facts it is pleasing to see Trump take a principled stance against the issue and follow the right approach.

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