U.S. and China teaming up to defeat Kim Jong Un

It appears U.S. President Donald J. Trump is not only a man of firm convictions in the business realm but also one who stands by his stated words: He does what he says, and he says what he does, and it’s no different when he recently decided to finally impose more stringent, lasting measures of sanctions on the people of North Korea as a result of the latest actions of their cruelest dictator to date, Kim Jong Un.

President Trump is wise to take such prudent action now, while he still can, and it likewise seems he is not alone in the fight: China’s president and officials have backed him up and mutually showed their interest and support while imposing a few sanctions and desired guidelines of their own; the more nations that join in, the better it will be.

Shipping, banking, manufacturing and ports – these are the areas hardest hit by the recent sanctions. As if this latest executive order under Trump’s hand were not enough, China itself has decided to take things even a step further by shutting down North Korea’s banking presence and sector within its four walls; no longer will China or the U.S. continue to allow North Korea to conduct business from within them. Now, North Korea’s ruthless tyrant will need to seek his business elsewhere, and rumors now speculate as to who he’ll look to next in efforts to continue to supply and stock his merchandise, weapons and more. Some, in fact, say that he may find new business clients in Venezuela, Russia or even in certain parts of the U.K.

Since the U.S. and China have had good relations for many years, now more than ever with a greatly Pro-China supporter in the U.S. White House, the new move was far from difficult. In fact, the presidents of both nations already knew it needed to be done. They acted immediately.

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Meagan Kozlovs

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  1. And Justin Trudeau said ” Absolutely nothing which he has reason not to comment since he supports Iran and the removal of sanctions from Iran which PM STEPHEN HARPER had put in place for a very good reason. Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau thought otherwise. Now you see why he can condemn N.KOREA.

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