Tucker Carlson Shows Explosive Email from Google Exec Over How Company Assisted Hillary in 2016

Fox News host Tucker Carlson made a startling revelation in his show on Monday. Carlson, who has on multiple counts mentioned the role Google played in Hillary’s campaign during the 2018 elections, highlighted evidence to back his claims during the latest episode this week.

Tucker Carlson presented an explosive email from an executive within the company. The email mentions the disappointment the executive had at Hilary’s loss, despite the help rendered by Google towards her campaign. The correspondence included reference to the work done by the search engine for Hilary as a ‘silent donation’ to her leftist cause.

The email is said to be written by a senior employee at Google named Eliana Murillo. Elina, who is the former head of the multicultural marketing department at Google, deployed many of the company’s resources to increase voter turnouts in certain areas she felt would help the Clinton campaign further in its cause.

The email, sent on November 9, 2016, is believed to have been written only a day after the results from the presidential election came out. It is also believed that this email was forwarded by two other executives at Google towards other staff members in the company.

Elina highlighted the role of Google in boosting the turnout from the Hispanic community during the 2016 elections. Elina admitted that Google had used its influence to ensure that millions of Hispanics came out to vote.

With social media impressions and certain hashtags, the goal was to pull Hispanic people out for voting in the elections.

This interesting revelation has certainly highlighted how Google is unfairly using the power it has to shape the American elections and culture. We believe it is time for the Republican government to act on this.

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Emmy Skylar

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