Trump Slams Liberal Antifa Protestors in MAGA Missouri Rally

With the race for the midterm elections getting intense, Donald Trump made a stop in Springfield, Missouri, to support Senate candidate Josh Hawley on Friday night. Trump has been going places of late, running the Republican campaign for the mid-term elections. It is fair to say he has gathered quite a lot of people in audience.

Trump has been harsh with his criticism of the radical left, liberal groups, and he has not shied away from delivering some punches through his words. Thus, when it comes to the violent Liberal left Antifa protestors, you would expect Donald Trump to come up with something amusing and extraordinary, and that is exactly what he did.

Speaking in Missouri, Trump was quick to mention Antifa Supporters and called them ‘Guys with tiny biceps living in the basements of their Mom and Dad’s House’.

Trump said in full, “The Democrat Party is held hostage by far left activists, by angry mobs, Antifa! By deep state radicals and their establishment cronies. You ever see what happens when you take the masks off Antifa? You have guys, you have guys that look like they live with mom and dad in the basement. They live in the basement of mom and dad’s home. You know what that is? That’s the size of their biceps (making a small gesture with index and middle finger). But they wear, they wear the tough black outfits. No I would never suggest this, but I will tell you, they’re so lucky we are peaceful. Law enforcement, military construction workers, bikers for Trump. How about bikers for Trump?”

Trump has been pulling a sensational campaign as of yet, and he has had gathered a huge number of people, similar to what he did in 2016. Before coming to Missouri, Trump stopped in Las Vegas, where he was greeted by enthusiastic Republicans.

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