Trump says Brett Kavanaugh’s Second Sexual Assault Allegation is totally Political

The President of the United States has minced no words in his criticism of the second allegation of misconduct against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Talking about a development that has further derailed Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, Trump labeled the allegations as ‘totally political.’

Talking at the United Nations Meeting in New York, Trump was quick to admit that Kavanaugh is an outstanding nominee and that he stands by him all the way. Trump spoke about the matter as Kavanaugh’s nomination seems to be in peril after a narrative from a co-student in Yale came out.

The New Yorker recently published an article that had details of a woman’s encounter with Kavanaugh while they were students at Yale. The account mentions details of how Kavanaugh forced himself upon the woman and tried to initiate sexual contact with her while the both of them were inebriated at a party. The contact from Kavanaugh was being forced through the penile region.

This second claim against Kavanaugh dates back to the academic year of 1983-1984 at Yale. The year was his first one in the college. Deborah Ramirez accuses Kavanaugh of exposing himself in an inappropriate manner at a dorm party. She mentioned that Kavanaugh had exposed himself in a dormitory party and thrust his penis in her face. She also recalled being forced by him to touch it— before she pushed him away.

Kavanaugh, however, gave a calm and collected response to the issue. He mentioned that the event had never happened and the allegation was just a case to smear him. A White House Spokeswoman also added later that the allegation was “designed for tearing down a good man.”

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