Trump Rightly Calls New York Times Editor Gutless

The anonymous editorial from New York Times has left the whole political world in a muddle. Who could it be?

Who’s the imposter painting this rather misconstrued image of the Trump administration? The editorial article, which paints the POTUS in dim light and accuses him of certain things, is said to be written by an insider. But who that insider is, remains a secret.

Ever since the article’s publication, people have been talking about who it could be. Virtually everyone has been suspected— with fingers raised at the VP, Mike Pence, as well. This may make for good clickbait, but when it comes to the job that the media is doing, there is one word that perfectly describes these antics:


The New York Times is famous for all the wrong reasons, and if the truth was to be revealed on whoever this person is, it would come out to be a whole big hoax. Media outlets seriously cannot come to the rising popularity of the POTUS, which is why they’re resorting to childish antics. Antics of the sort you would expect from New York Times.

Trump, however, is having none of this. He blasted the Times and openly called whoever the writer was Gutless.

Seriously, how can we even take any of the words written in the article seriously if we don’t know who it is? It could be any nobody writing with a pen, and we won’t have an idea. So, Trump has taken the bull by the horns, like he has done on countless occasions.

He isn’t going to be bossed by anyone.

Trudeau knows who is boss, the media now knows who is boss, and the Democrats know who is boss; he sits in the White House and is seriously good at what he does. We leave you to do the guessing.

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Emmy Skylar

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