Trump rebuked General Prosecutor Jeff Sessions

Wednesday – President Donald Trump criticized again, General Prosecutor Jeff Sessions. He considered his behavior “unacceptable”, because he was seeking to conduct an investigation of how officials tried to secure approval for a secret surveillance of Trumps former campaign team member.

The President rebuked Mr. Sessions, because he asked the agency’s general inspector “to investigate the possibility of massive violations” in the observation applications. Trump himself appointed Sessions as the head of the Department of Justice.

Trump said that the prosecutor’s investigation would “continue for a long time” and emphasized that General Inspector of the Justice Department, Michael Horowitz “has no power to prosecute” and that “he was appointed to that post by former Democratic President Barack Obama”. Trump said that Horowitz was “overdue” by completing a report on allegations of inappropriate behavior by former FBI director James Comey on how he handled the 2016 investigation into email practices of Trumps rival Democratic candidate in the Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton.

“Why not use the Department of Justice lawyers? Embarrassing, “- wrote the President on Twitter.

Sessions said on Tuesday that Horowitz’s office would conduct an investigation into whether FBI agents had committed violations during the process of obtaining surveillance court approval for Trump’s former advisor, Carter Page, and his ties with Russia.

The Surveillance of Page was part of a long criminal investigation, searching for a possibility of ties between Trump and Russia during the electoral campaign.

The Page investigation, was cause of a few weeks debate in Washington among lawmakers of both parties.

Trump has repeatedly expressed anger over Mr. Sessions, but has not fired him, at least not yet. 

Alabama’s former senator, Jeff Sessions, was the most important political figure supporting Trump’s candidacy in the early stages of the presidential competition. 

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