Trump puts Sanctions on Russia – Liberals silent

When Donald Trump made several proclamations during his campaign trail, he was ridiculed by the left claiming that he won’t be able to deliver on them considering Obama never achieved them.

However, in the past month we’ve seen Trump introduce the harshest sanctions yet on Iran, which are admittedly crippling the brutal regime and now he’s delivered on another promise.

One of the reason why the liberal media seems to be silent on this is the latest sanctions go straight against the line that the mainstream media has carried for so long i.e. Trump is in Putin’s back pocket.

President Donald Trump has always maintained that he would rather wait for conclusive evidence rather than getting into unnecessary fights with global leaders.

The liberal media seems content in ignoring all the steps he’s taken that defy the accusations that they’ve been making against him since day one. His official policy has been particularly tough on Russia; he’s been selling weapons to resistance forces in Ukraine, Russia’s natural gas deals in Europe are under a direct threat because of the sanctions he’s made and now the latest sanctions.

The new sanctions come after conclusive evidence was found regarding Russia’s involvement in a recent nerve gas attack in Salisbury that killed a former colonel as well as his daughter in a park.

What followed was a diplomatic boycott of Putin by the US and its European allies as well as calls for a more thorough analysis of the entire incident.

It should be mentioned here that there were several such attacks from Russia in the Obama-years but there were never any sanctions that came to fruition as a result. However, Trump has followed on his campaign promise of relying on facts rather than media heresy trials.

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About the Author: Emmy Skylar

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