Trump might be direct reason Trudeau calls early Election

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party may be planning to call an early election. According to Arthur Weinreb of the Canada Free Press, the current election is scheduled for October 2019 but the warning signs are becoming more apparent every day.

There are several signs indicating that Trudeau’s government is in trouble.

Looming large is the trade war between the U.S. and Canada. Trudeau does not have the maturity or skill to deal with Donald Trump. High tariffs will hurt Canada, and the effects on the auto industry will be particularly bad. People who supported the Liberals will be less likely to do so in a failing economy.

But it’s not just his negotiating skills with strong foreign leaders.

Other events have shown Trudeau to be a weak leader and Canadians are taking notice. On a recent trip to India, Trudeau was more interested in posing for pictures than representing Canadian interests. After the Liberals suffered a bruising defeat in Ontario, Trudeau threatened federal action. This could devolve into a court battle that would paint Trudeau as a bully right before the scheduled election. Finally, popular initiatives such as legalizing marijuana will be far in the distant past and people will realize that it was more about handing out lucrative business contracts than making life better for the common people.

Facing an embarrassing defeat next year, the Liberals may call an early election in order to get an edge before Trudeau’s popularity slips so far that he becomes unelectable, but the question remains, is Andrew Scheer and the CPC ready?

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