Trump Imposes New Tariffs on Turkey

The month of August has barely reached its second week and it’s already being hailed as one of US President Donald Trump’s best months while in office. He’s made three key decisions related to the United State’s diplomatic stance towards both its allies and strategic counter-parts.

First, he re-imposed the Iranian sanctions that had been a key part of his campaign trail. The version of the sanctions imposed by him was even more severe and has already started having the choke-hold effect it was supposed to have on Iran’s already fragile economy.

Then he imposed sanctions on Russia for their alleged involvement in the chemical attack that killed a former-Russian Intelligence colonel and his daughter in the UK. This was a move that further diminished the liberal belief that Trump is a Putin-puppet.

And now, he’s gone on and doubled the tariffs on all imports from Turkey. The new tariffs include a 20 percent duty on aluminum, 50 percent on steel as well as several diplomatic sanctions.

The sanctions come after Ankara was accused of mistreating an evangelical pastor as well as other human rights abuses that have occurred in the country.

Donald Trump made the revelations public in an early morning tweet where he announced that the move is expected to weaken the Turkish Lira. He added that the US Dollar is performing very well and is expected to gain an even better position in light of the recent sanctions.

He ended the tweet by adding that the diplomatic relations between the two NATO allies were not as good as they should be.

It’s already being suspected that the move is a maneuver to push back Turkey and pressure it into freeing several human rights activists it has imprisoned. The sanctions had an immediate impact on the Turkish economy with many expecting a steep decline in the growth of the economy in the quarter as a result.

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