Trump Did the Right Thing Calling Kim Jong Un “A Smart Guy”

Lots of has been made about the decision United State President Donald Trump made to praise North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by calling him “a smart guy”. While many media analysts and political experts said that Trump had stepped over the line in referring to the dictator with such positive affirmation, other analysts recognise the truth that Trump got what he wanted by appealing to Kim’s sense of entitlement and place on the global stage.

Had Trump not pandered to Kim over the last few months by praising his leadership skills, the much-anticipated meeting would not have ever come to fruition. The summit between the two leaders was held last Tuesday in Singapore, marking a monumental occasion between the United States and North Korea. Not only did Trump call Kim a smart guy, but he also referred to the leader as a “great negotiator” and a “tough guy”.

In media interviews after the summit, Trump took the time to draw parallels between himself and Kim, stating that it is these common leadership skills that enable the two to understand each other.

As a result of the successful summit negotiations, Kim said that his country will comply with Trump’s request of denuclearization of the North Korean peninsula. After decades of effort on the part of the United States to negotiate with Kim and his regime, this was the first time that leaders of the two countries were able to come to the table to negotiate rules going forward.

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