Trump attends disco party after visiting survivors of school shooting

After causing controversy by posing smiling and showing one of his thumbs up during a visit to a hospital where the injured are, from the massacre at a school in Florida, President Donald Trump attended that same day a themed party with disco music at Mar-a-Lago resort , according to several US media reports.

“President Trump and the first lady stopped at a Studio 54 disco party at the Mar-a-Lago dance hall (Friday) after returning from the Broward Sheriff’s office,” said the House reporter. CNN White, Kevin Liptak on his Twitter social network account on Saturday.

A photo posted on Instagram captured the first couple sitting and chatting while people socialized around in a room lit with lights from the Trump tourist complex, the Huffingtonpost reported on Saturday night .

“Keep in mind that the president did NOT dance,” commented Instagram user Sean Bianca before the photo retired later on Saturday and his Instagram account changed to private. “He and the First Lady were there for a short time, but none were dancing as expected. Their mood was bleak and they were there for a very short time. “

The appearance of the couple at the party was confirmed on Facebook by prominent Florida bankruptcy attorney David Lloyd Merrill, the Huffingtonpost reported.

“The president came,” wrote Merrill, who attended the party after hearing that Trump would attend. “I could not meet him or talk to him, but he was about 3 ‘away. Great, regardless of your political affiliation! “He said.

“It was an unusual activity after a visit to the survivors of one of the largest school shootings in the nation”, she said.

The news of the party generated another controversy in social networks where people expressed their rejection saying that Trump should have suspend it due to the tragedy that hit Florida and the entire United States for the massacre committed by Nikolas Cruz, 19, in the High School on February 14th.

“Well, you know when you have a hard heart and you are in mourning with a community and a nation, what do you do? DISK!! I swear, never fails to make me feel rejected, “a person identified as KJ on Twitter.

Erin Altman said “right after the picture with the thumb up and smiling with the politicians, police and agents (of other police agencies). I know he lacks conscience, but does he even have a soul? “

That Twitter user was referring to an image where Trump and his wife Melania are smiling after visiting a hospital on Friday where some of the 15 injured in the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are admitted.

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