‘This Time It really is Different,’ Says Obama in Pennsylvania

Come Friday, and Barack Obama turned his attention towards Pennsylvania, a state Donald Trump had won in 2016 to get the blue wave up and running. The former president of the USA campaigned in Philadelphia with two prominent Democrats running for the re-elections. U.S. Sen. Bob Case and Gov.

Tom Wolf are the big shot Democrats running for the post from this state.

Obama used plenty of narratives during his rally at the Dell Music Center in Philadelphia, and he urged Democrats to come out and vote because these elections are more consequential than any that he remembers.

“This time, it really is different. This time, the stakes really are higher,” said Obama. “The consequences of any of us sitting on the sidelines are far more dangerous.”

While he didn’t take a direct aim at his successor, Obama didn’t shy away from mentioning Trump on a couple of occasions. Obama tried to stir voters by mentioning how it was important to restore ‘decency’ in the White House by voting for the Democrats.

Democrats are hoping that Pennsylvania can help them retake control over the Congress and oust the GOP for now. Obama has twice carried Pennsylvania in his presidential races, which is why he is an important figurehead.

Republican candidate for Pennsylvania, Lou Barletta, mentioned that the Democrats face an uphill task to retain Capitol Hill majorities. Barletta also mentioned how Obama’s presence would stir up Republican voters who worried for their jobs under the government of Obama. He mentioned, “Obama will energize those blue-collar Democrats who worried about their jobs under Obama and went out to vote for Donald Trump.”

What happens in Pennsylvania remains to be seen, but by the looks of it, we can expect a repeat of 2016.

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