There’s an Author and Illustrator on Our Roof Eating Cake

Dr Mark Carthew and Hazel Edwards
Dr Mark Carthew and Hazel Edwards

Every year in Australia, the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) celebrate Book Week. During this time countless schools, libraries, authors, illustrators, teachers and children celebrate the best of children’s literature.

To celebrate Book Week, Berwick Lodge Primary School ran a three-week literature festival. The school’s Literacy Leading Teacher (and an award winning Australian children’s author himself) Dr Mark Carthew spent several months preparing for and organising the event. A passionate advocate for the practices of developing literacy skills in people at a young age, Dr Carthew believes that developing a love of language, books and reading is imperative for young minds.

Dr Carthew worked hard to connect some of Australia’s best known authors such as Hazel Edwards (of ‘There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake’ fame) and Mitch Vane (of the ‘Little Lunch’ series) with Australia’s best known illustrators such as Ben Wood and Mark McBride with the students of Berwick Lodge.

“Our festival connects students and the school community with inspiring and well-known authors and illustrators. The Literature Festival was designed to highlight the fact that writers, designers, inventors, artists and people across all walks of life have been nurtured by schools and families that encouraged their passions and talents. Hearing from and watching professionals share their amazing work is a powerful learning experience.”

Dr Carthew (who has written a new book for the Marvin and Marigold series titled ‘A Stormy Night’) also presented at the festival, speaking to the senior school students about how to plan and write short stories and poems.

Dr Carthew hopes that the students enjoyed the festival and understand the importance of creativity through developing authentic and meaningful connections with some of Australia’s most inspiring writers and illustrators.

“I also hope that students and staff are affirmed by the practice-led notion that there is no ‘best way’, just different ways” Dr Carthew said.

“These immersive experiences with successful writers and artists encourages us all to take risks, think ‘outside the square’ and experiment with our own exciting ideas. I hope that everyone involved is encouraged to believe in their own abilities.”

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