There is tension between the Netherlands and Turkey


The Dutch parliament voted to recognize the genocide massacre of the Ottoman Empire of 1915 of 1.5 million Armenians.

This vote was followed by a diplomatic “clash” between the Netherlands and Turkey, which has withdrawn its ambassador.

The motion found support from all major parties.

It comes a few days after the Turkish government spoke about changing relations with Netherlands. While Turkish Foreign Minister said “the adopted motion would not be recognized as legitimate”.

Armenia has long sought the killings from the Ottoman Empire to be considered genocide. Turkish authorities strongly oppose this, arguing that the massacres were committed by both sides.

At least 29 states, including Russia, Canada, most of the European Union countries and South Americans have recognized genocide with Armenians.

The Dutch parliament’s decision comes at a time when tension has risen between the Netherlands and Turkey. Earlier this month, Netherlands withdrew its ambassador from Ankara. This came after the visa blocking of some Turkish officials who tried to campaign for a referendum that adds Erdogan’s powers.

At that time (March 2017), the Turkish president stated that “sooner or later they will pay.”

Also, Erdogan appeared tough after the Netherlands banned entry to the Turkish Foreign Minister. “They are a remnant of fascism,” Erdogan said, while Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said Ankara should apologize for the unacceptable language.


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