The numbers for 2020 Democratic presidential nomination are in, and Michael Avenatti has 1%

The numbers for the 2020 presidential race are in, and as expected by many Joe Biden leads at 33 percent while Donald Trump critic and the man knows as the creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti, sits at one percent.

A poll released by CNN has them listed in the following order.

Biden 33%
Sanders 13%
Harris 9%
Warren 8%
Booker 5%
Kerry 5%
Bloomberg 4%
O’Rourke 4%
Holder 3%
Garcetti 2%
Avenatti 1%
Gillibrand 1%
Klobuchar 1%
Patrick 1%

Many people are surprised Hillary Clinton isn’t running for the 2020 presidential term but it’s still early and Clinton is still a critic of Donald Trump.

It’s still early and President Donald Trump is doing great in the polls, he’s campaigning to win 2020 with the economy, jobs, and lower taxes while Democrats use propaganda from the mainstream media to try and win over voters.


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