Tate Chaser’s new album better than Abbey Road?

That is the word on the street from so many of our subscribers, Taint, the new album by Tate Chasers is one of the best ever, how can this be? A drifter country singer that has been around for years but never had any true success just blows the world away with a new album. Junior Highs all across America will soon have a new hero.

The album kicks off with an instant classic Alibi which has a alternative rock sound but way cooler than the mid nineties ever were. Fifteen songs, seventeen if you were really counting, jam packed with anthems from “Drunk” to “Fireball”. Rock n Roll with hysterical comedy, why didn’t somebody think of this sooner.

Songs like “Country Singer” make everybody in Nashville jealous of their wimpy lives compared to Tate “Taint” Chasers.

Never have we seen rock comedy other than those little extra songs Van Halen use to put at the end of their albums but nothing like what Tate Chasers has just served us, this guy will soon be making beer commercials or even mainstream Jameson advertising, and I can’t wait. We would love some music videos from Mr. Chasers but hell why not make a whole movie based on Taint.

As I heard Tate say in a recent interview from the Nashville Beat, “you can’t hate this CD cause it will hate you back”, and I agree with Tate, it’s that powerful. So is the album “Taint” better than Abbey Road, no of course not, but maybe it is because I can’t stop listening to it.

Paul Simmons of the Country Westerner Times

Paul enjoys fishing when he’s not working.



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