Senator Jeff Flake Does Not Seem Happy With Trump’s Immigration Policy

One thing we all know for sure is that Trump has been quite stern with his take and action on immigration policies.

People have been left in a stake of shock and horror as they have not been let in the United States after years of spending their time in that country.

People all over the world are standing against Trump’s “senseless”, as some may call, immigration policy and Senator Jeff Flake is no different. In fact, Jeff believes that the current stance on this policy would not just hurt the immigrants but the economy as well.

The Arizona Republican, while speaking at a press conference, said that “we are going to need increased immigrants coming in this country”. He further stated, “I feel that Trump’s stance on the immigration policy is not at all good for the economy because you cannot be anti immigration and pro growth at the same time”.

While Trump feels that the immigrants should be out of the country, Jeff feels that the immigrants are good for the economy. After all, they study, work, provide labor, skill and expertise to the US economy in more than one way. We have doctors, engineers and other skilled professionals in the US who are all immigrants.

Moreover, Jeff doesn’t think that the bill to pass against the immigrants is going to be fruitful for Trump and it will not even come to order because there has to be 60 votes for it. While speaking about the matter, Flake added, “I don’t think he is going to get 60 votes for it. In fact, the vote count is going to be low because no body is going to vote for it”.

As Trump came into presidency, one thing everybody knew was that he is not happy with the immigrants and he is not going to save them either. He took stern measures against the immigrants who had been residing in the US for years. We all heard cases of deportations or not being let in the United States, despite the fact that they were residents there.

Jeff Flake is one of the many people to stand against Trump’s immigrant policy and just now he has confirmed that he will not stand by it and nobody else would either. “It’s a bad move in every way, I don’t think it stands a chance at all”, he further added.

Meagan Kozlovs

Meagan Kozlovs is a reporter for Debate Report. She’s worked and interned at Global News Toronto  and CHECX. Megan is based in Toronto and covers issues affecting her city. In addition to her severe milk shake addiction, she’s a Netflix enthusiast, a red wine drinker, and a voracious reader.

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