School Teacher and Brother Taken Into Custody For Holding Explosives

In recent news, two people, a school teacher and his brother, have been taken into custody for holding explosives. There was also a note written by the brothers that read, “under the full moon the small ones will know terror”.

It has been revealed that the teacher who has been arrested was an ex New York school teacher. There were explosives and bomb making material found in their apartment. Sources reveal that the siblings also asked the students to help them and paid the students to assist them as well.

The brothers, named Christian Toro and Tyler Toro, lived in a shared apartment. However, the authorities uncovered over 30 pounds of chemical that might have been used in explosives. Both the brothers have been charged with unlawful practices and manufacturing of a destructive device. One of the brother’s has also been charged of distributing explosive materials to minors. However, both the men have pleaded not guilty.

The brothers came under investigation after the schoolteacher resigned from his job at the Harlem charter school in December. His resignation came after the school was warned of a bomb threat, for which even a student was arrested.

One of the school authorities who was on their case found disturbing material on Tyler’s laptop when he gave it in after his resignation. “I found materials that indicated how to make a bomb and other material that seemed shady”. “I automatically informed the authorities and kept the evidence safely”.

Another statement released by one of the staff members says, “What was found in Tyler’s laptop was disturbing. The material came under check after one of the staff members was doing a routine check of Tyler’s laptop and what he saw in it was alarming”.

The school immediately informed the law enforcement authorities as well. Rochelle Ritchie, a spokesperson for the school said, “We instantly notified the law enforcement agencies on the content found on Toro’s laptop”. “We have also been in close coordination and cooperation with the New York Police Department as well as the FBI since the start of the investigation we will continue to show our support to them and provide all the necessary information as well”.

The brothers have been taken into custody and what they wrote as a note, “under the full moon the small ones will know terror” is a clear indication and hint of what their future plans might be.

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