Saudi Arabia detains Egyptian Man for Eating Breakfast with Female Saudi Co-Worker

In a harrowing case of national injustice, Saudi Arabia has arrested an Egyptian hotel worker for allegedly eating breakfast with a female Saudi colleague. The labor ministry took the required action after a video surfaced on social media, showing both the people having breakfast together. The ministry has also summoned the owner of the hotel for further questioning on the issue.

The top oil exporter in the world, Saudi Arabia, did show some signs of reforms recently, but this arrest has opened the curtains over the blatant religious extremism within the country. Some of their conservative traditions have not changed yet, and the country has the same mindset as before.

In the footage, which was shared widely across social media, both the female and the male sit at a table and enjoy their breakfast. They even wave at the camera, definitely not wary of the backlash that could be generated here. At one point within the video the woman, who was wearing a traditional black robe that covered all of her head except her eyes, feeds a piece of food to the man.

A statement from the labor ministry has revealed that an inspection team visited the hotel located in Mecca and detained the Egyptian for numerous violations, one of which was working in a profession that was only reserved for Saudis.

The hotel owner was also called upon by the court for failing to meet spatial controls in place for employing women. Government regulations within the country ensure a private place for female employees, without them meddling with the males around them.

Saudi Arabia may not realize this now, but we are in 21st century. Times have changed, and these ancient Islamic principles don’t apply anymore.

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