Robert Mueller Demanding all Documents that Mention Trump

Over the weekend witnesses have been issued with a subpoena demanding they turn over all documents related to United States President Donald Trump and his advisors. This was decided by the grand jury who is investigating allegations of collusion with Russia during the United States presidential election. Robert Mueller’s team are demanding to see all text messages, emails, call logs and work documents going back to November 1, 2015.


The information and document request is said to be asking for all communication between president Trump and his core team, including the now ex-White House communications director Hope Hicks and former chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Paul Manafort, the president’s former campaign chairman, who is facing charges already, including filing false tax returns, conspiracy to launder money and not registering as a foreign agent for lobbying work for the Ukrainian government is also mentioned in the request for files.


It seems as though the subpoena is also looking for communications that took place with president Trump right before he announced his candidacy. On Twitter, Ned Price, who is a former CIA official said that this subpoena shows that Mueller is treating president Trump’s “entire senior campaign team like a criminal enterprise.” Price also thinks it is important that Roger Stone is named in the subpoena.

Roger Stone

Roger Stone is a former adviser to president Trump’s presidential campaign, and although he left the campaign at the end of 2015, he has said he remained “a confidant to the President.” He has also admitted that he communicated with Julian Assange during the election, but that it was perfectly legal. He has said many times that the FBI’s investigation into collusion with Russia and the Trump campaign is a “witch hunt.” He recently said that he believes he is being monitored by the FBI “Sure they’ll get my grocery lists, they may get the emails between my wife and me, but here’s what they won’t get — any contact with the Russians.”

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