Restaurant Goes Finds Pearl In His Oyster

Rick Antosh was eating his usual plate of $14.75 at the “Grand Central Oyster Bar” restaurant in Manhattan, when he felt something in his mouth.

Antosh, a 66-year-old resident of Edgewater, New Jersey, was having lunch with an old friend from high school and his first reaction was to think that a tooth had come loose.

“For a split second, there was terror,” Antosh told The New York Post. But when he placed the object in his hand he discovered a pearl the size of a pea that, according to the jeweler Eddie Livi, owner of DSL Pearl on West 47th Street, could be worth thousands of dollars.

Rick Antosh found a pearl in his oyster pan bake at Grand Central’s Oyster bar in New York City (Photo: Pix 11)
Rick Antosh found a pearl in his oyster pan bake at Grand Central’s Oyster bar in New York City (Photo: Pix 11)

When he discovered his treasure, Antosh put the pearl in his pocket and said nothing. But after arriving home, he called the restaurant to ask how often they saw something like that.

“I’ve been here for 28 years, this is the second time I’ve seen this happen. And we sell more than 5 thousand oysters in half a shell every day, “ said chef Sandy Ingber.

He explained that the oysters they use are from Virginia and arrive at the restaurant before cooking. “It’s extremely rare , so it’s interesting and exciting,” he added.

Antosh, who has not evaluated his pearl, said he is still not sure what he will do with it. “I will definitely go back and try to find more pearls,” he said. “You never know”.

“The value is based on brightness, clarity and roundness,” Livi said later. Looking at a photo of Antosh’s pearl, he noticed his imperfections. “It is not very round and has a black dot that may or may not be removable. [For] something in this condition, a distributor (…) can pay between $ 2 thousand and 4 thousand dollars “.

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