Reasons Why the Left Resorts to Violence

Despite what you are being made to believe by the mainstream media, the political Left of today is extremely violent and unjust. Why is this and what could be the reasons behind it?

According to Andrew Klavan from the Andrew Klavan Show, there are three reasons behind this. Klavan believes that the west is a growing menace of violence, and these are the three reasons behind it:

Leftism is by Philosophy, Force!

“Number one is, leftism is, by philosophy, force — leftism is force — and if you don’t have the force of the government which disguises the force by diffusing it into all the power that government has, if you don’t have that force, then you’ve got to use it with a stick and a mask on the streets, and vandalism, and attacking people and pepper spray. It’s the same force, but it’s just concentrated because you do not have it diffused into the government,” said Klavan.

Not Used to Debating

“The second thing is that they are not used to debating, because they’ve taken over the means of communication so they don’t have to debate,” Klavan continued. “So they’ve convinced themselves that this is a moral holy war and they’re on one side and we’re on the other, which simply isn’t true.”


The third reason behind this violence, Klavan believes, is racism. He mentions, “The third thing, and maybe the worst of it, is they are racist.

Leftism is racist. That does not mean that there are no racists on the Right, I’ve said this repeatedly, of course there are racists — everywhere there are people who look at the world in this simplistic way, if they get mugged by a black guy all black guys are criminals, if they don’t like what a white woman does, all white women are bad. But leftism is racism because it is based on setting interest groups against each other.”

One look around our society, and we can easily comprehend what Klavan is saying here. The Left is growing increasingly violent, and there is a big cause of concern for other groups.

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Emmy Skylar

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