Prime Minister of Ireland Dismisses new Border Idea

Leo Varadkar, the Prime Minister of Ireland has come out to dismiss an idea that British Prime Minister Theresa May had that the United States-Canada border could be the new model for the Irish border issue. On Monday night Leo Varadkar issued a statement that he would not even consider the idea. “I visited the Canada/US border back in August and saw physical infrastructure with customs posts, people in uniforms with arms and dogs and that is definitely not a solution that we could possibly entertain,” he said.

Commons Speech

The idea from May was made during a speech at the Commons, although after receiving criticism she said it was just one of many ideas being examined. “There are many examples of different arrangements for customs around the rest of the world, and indeed we are looking at those, including for example the border between the United States and Canada”. She was immediately challenged by Brexit minister Jenny Chapman who said “There are guns and armed customs guards on that border – surely that is not what she has in mind? Can she perhaps find another example?” May issue an immediate response “What I said is that we are looking at the border arrangements in a number of countries around the world. We are looking not just at the border arrangements that the European Union has with a number of countries – and it has a variety of customs arrangements with various countries – we’re also looking more widely around the world”.

Getting Impatient

Many people, including May, are starting to get very annoyed with how long the process is taking. “My message to our friends in Europe is clear: you asked us to set out what we wanted in detail; we have done that. We have shown we understand your principles. We have a shared interest in getting this right, so let’s get on with it.”

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