Portuguese Navy Participate In Naval Exercise

More than 650 Portuguese navy soldiers will participate in the INSTREX training naval exercise Monday to Thursday to ensure “readiness, efficiency and effectiveness” in conducting naval operations in response to any scenarios of crisis.

Several naval ships will participate in the exercise including the Portuguese Air Force, the Navy said in a statement.

Among the committed forces, the Navy highlights the frigate D. Francisco de Almeida and the Arpão submarine, along with a Marine Force (Landing Force), two Divers Detachments and a Detachment of Special Actions, involving about 660 Portuguese Navy.

According to the Navy, the INSTREX naval exercise has its main objective “to provide proper training to the fleet and the Portuguese Naval Force (FNP) to ensure the Navy’s readiness, efficiency and effectiveness in conducting naval operations in response to crisis scenarios.”

The FNP is an operational force with “high readiness”, which is assigned Naval Units, Marines and Divers for the execution of maritime expeditionary operations or for integration into joint operational forces, constituting itself as the naval component of the Force of Immediate Reaction, explains the Navy in the statement.

“The objective will be to develop its activity in national waters, in a fictitious scenario of projection for a region plagued by high social and political instability, complying with a determination of the international community, and having as its main mission to guarantee the rapid and effective response in a scenario of crisis, “he says.

On board the frigate NRP Corte-Real will commander of the Portuguese Naval Force, sea-captain Diogo Arroteia, and his Staff.

In this first naval exercise of 2018 will also be experimenting with, namely the use of drones for recognition and surveillance, and systems of monitoring of the amphibious tactical panorama.


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