Police take a stand against Niqab ban

A 28-year-old woman was fined $155 for refusing to remove her veil in public in Denmark, the fine marks the first since the law came into affect just days ago on August 1.

The fine was given after the woman brought attention to Danish police by scuffling with another woman at the shopping center in Horsholm, north of Copenhagen.

The woman was informed of the fine she will be given and was offered the chance to remove the face-covering, she refused and was issued the fine.

While France, Austria, Bulgaria and the German state of Bavaria also imposed the law, it remains highly controversial, human rights groups labelled the ban “discriminatory” and said it was the “latest in a harmful trend.”

Some police took a stand against the law by embracing women who wear the veil.

The controversial law is currently being debated in many countries as many argue the full veil could be to hide abuse from forced marriages and oppresses woman using religions symbols, some suggest the Niqab could also use religion and discrimination as a tool to commit crimes in western countries.

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Emmy Skylar

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