Philippines Condemns Communist Group For Being Terrorists

The Philippines has condemned the communist group as terrorists and asked the court to declare them as such.

In a bold move, the Philippines justice officials have requested the court to designate the New People’s Army, the armed wing of the Communist Party of Philippines as Terrorists.

Philippines views their activities as harmful to the state and have now, in a very strong forceful move also hampered its relationship with them and the chance of peace talks.

Previously, these two groups made some advancement in initiating peace talks with one another but in a bold ferocious move, they are now labeling the group as being involved in terrorism.

The Philippines filed a petition on Wednesday before the regional court and the Department of Justice. There are a couple of things that the Philippines have stated as evidences regarding the group’s participation in terrorist activities including deadly attacks and violence. They have also labeled them as military spies.

A representative in favor of Philippines decision said in a statement, “We feel that the move made has been utterly bold and we support it in every way.

This is a group that is advancing towards terrorism, something we stand against as a state. It is our duty to preserve the integrity of the state in every possible way. We, therefore, support this move and will stand by it to protect it”.

The Philippine previously called the communist rebel organizations terrorists.

Back in 2015, it also launched a complaint against the Abu Sayyaf Islamic extremist group that had been accused of rape, murder, kidnappings and more.

The group was already black listed for the severe bombings and the be-headings that they conducted.

The representative also added, “We are a nation that stands by one another through thick and thin and we will do anything in our might and power to preserve the state”.

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