Obama’s Sad California Rally a Sign of What is to Come for Democrats

The Democratic Party seems to be banking on the pipe-dream of a blue wave for the mid-term elections of 2018. However, considering the recent state of affairs, it does not look like they will gain anything from these elections. Trump has delivered on the promises he made to the general public, and the Republican vote bank is increasing over time. The media is failing to cover for the craziness of the Democrats, and to be honest, all seniors within the party seem more worried than excited about the prospects.

We have already heard of what happened to Obama in California. The turnout was below par, and the ex-president was left speaking his political narrative in front of a few hundred people – 750 to be exact.

Before the Californian debacle, Democrats thought that they could maybe switch the elections around.

They thought that there was a chance of a blue wave in the country.

However, with the results from California in front of us, it is hard to deny the fact that hopes for Democrats seem all lost.

Despite the perception of California as a wasteland of faded yet optimistic liberals, illegal aliens and welfare queens, Trump and his supporters are trying their best to make California great again. Many prominent Democrats within the state have joined hands with the Republicans and are eagerly waiting for Trump to prove his mettle even further.

The attendance of 750 people at Obama’s convention gives Trump a chance. He has been pulling in people in numbers far greater than what the Democrats have done. California’s political scenario is all open for Donald Trump to come in with his majestic aura and generate a crowd of 10,000 plus people, as he has so conveniently done through the summer. Regardless of whether he comes or not, this November is starting to seem like a pill that the Democrats would find very hard to swallow.

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Emmy Skylar

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