Obama’s crowd size proves the thrill is gone

The thrill is gone.

Ex-President Barack Hussain Obama is no more the celebrity he used to be.

Last weekend saw Obama pushing the agenda forth for Democrats in the November election. He did this through the means of a campaign trail.

However, if the attendance in far-left California is anything to go by, Obama would be better off dropping the idea altogether.

Obama would have expected quite a decent attendance from leftists at California when it came to his campaign session at the Anaheim Convention Center. However, there were barely 750 people in the audience, which has put loud-mouthed democrats into their place. Obama made the first stop of his campaign in Orange County, California, to run the campaign for 7 Democratic candidates running for districts currently held by Republicans.

Obama, perhaps disheartened by the meager presence of people in the Convention Center, kept his speech short and focused on the politics of hope and unity. He did try to add a personal narrative of sorts, but he wasn’t able to pull in the attention of the audience. He finally did put in a tirade of how Trump was a threat to American democracy but that too didn’t work, and the ex-president had to walk away with disappointment.

On the other hand, Trump has been filling convention centers and auditoriums across the U.S. with his events. He has filled massive arenas, getting an audience of 12,000 in MT, 11,000 in Indiana and 13,600 in Virginia. The polls on President Trump’s popularity don’t lie. People across the United States love him to the core and are willing to come by and pay his rallies a visit.

If Obama wants to stop the blue wave from turning into a pipe dream, he should take a leaf out of President Trump’s book and learn from what he is doing. Mike drop!

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