Obama Talks about Himself 79 Times While Supposedly Campaigning for Other Candidates

When the news first came out that ex-president Barack Hussain Obama would be campaigning for the Democrats in the mid-term elections, there were heightened talks by the Democrats of a blue-wave. However, after an attendance of 750 people in California, Obama has further disappointed the Democrats by mentioning himself repeatedly while campaigning for others.

What’s the biggest blunder you can do

while campaigning for someone else? Being egoistic and talking about yourself throughout it? Well, that is just what Obama has done. Obama, during a Cleveland rally last week, couldn’t help but talk about himself as candidates sat next to him, expecting some acknowledgement.

Not only this, but Obama stuttered as well while trying to attack Donald Trump. Obama, who has prized himself as an eloquent speaker, barely sounded like one as he tried to rush into a tirade against the respected POTUS.

Several times during the rally, Obama referred to Sutton and Cordray as his friends and not as individual candidates with a mandate and a narrative of their own.

Obama tried to get the attention of the audience by narrating stories of his time as the President in the White House and about how he played Jeopardy with his daughter. With the Democratic mid-term elections campaign in tatters, the last thing those candidates and the people present wanted to hear was about Obama losing a game to his daughter.

If you look at the rallies Obama has held in Illinois and California, this one in Cleveland comes as no different. Obama talked about himself 63 times in California and 102 times in Illinois.

That is a total of 244 times that he has talked about himself in 3 different rallies. Even with his standards of public speaking, this insensitivity towards the cause by Obama is miraculous and laughable.

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