Obama Snaps at Young Rally Attendees at Pennsylvania

We all know of the desperation that Barack Obama, the former president of America, has shown during his rallies for the midterm election campaign. He has gone from place to place, generating sorry audiences and showing desperation you would expect from a man who isn’t getting the results he wants.

For a good part of his presidency, Democrats were all gaga over the oratory skills of their beloved President. But if his performance in the midterm election campaign is anything to go by, we don’t think he ranks among the list of Presidents with good oratory skills and composure on stage.

The rally in Pennsylvania, which was held just last week, was a poor affair for Obama to say the least. The ex-president was there to promote the campaign of Bob Casey, Tom Wolf, and other congressional Democrat candidates. However, he couldn’t stop talking about himself. Based on facts from the event, Obama spoke about himself a total of 65 times in the rally.

He mentioned the word ‘I’ 56 times, ‘Me’ 5 times, and ‘My’ 4 times. The president spoke about himself after every 30 seconds. This is indeed demeaning for candidates from the area as Obama made it all about himself.

Well, this isn’t all. While delivering on his constant talk about himself, Obama wanted everyone in the audience to pay full attention towards him. However, when he didn’t get the required attention, he snapped and pointed out at two young teens standing in the rally.

Obama wasn’t happy with the whipper snappers who he thought weren’t listening to his words (about himself).

In the midst of his speech, he pointed his fingers at two young people and sternly said, “I’m talking to you, young people!”

Then he said, “You! pay attention,” trying to counsel the youngsters in the tone of a disappointed parent. Obama seriously does sound disappointed and dejected.

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Emmy Skylar

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