Obama Fact Checked by AP for Not Always Telling the True Story

Anyone who has known the Democrats and their politics for long enough would agree that Obama is the perfect example of what you would expect a Democrat to be. Known for adding sauce to story and trying to mince words, Democrats are not really up-front and straight when it comes to presenting their perspective.

And Obama is no different than the typical Democrat. In an interesting piece of news, Associated Press, after some time of fact checking, recently called out Obama for not always telling the straight story.

This whole process of fact checks specifically followed certain comments made by Obama while he accepted an award in Illinois just last week.

Speaking at the ceremony, Obama highlighted his treatment of media outlets he had reservations with and compared it with Trump’s feud with CNN.

“It shouldn’t be Democratic or Republican to say that we don’t threaten the freedom of the press because they say things or publish stories we don’t like,” Obama mentioned. “I complained plenty about Fox News, but you never heard me threaten to shut them down or call them enemies of the people.”

This triggered Associated Press, which isn’t in any way a right-leaning media organization. The media house did some fact checking and came out with a thorough response of how Obama’s administration had used the 1917 Espionage Act to their advantage.

“The Obama administration used the 1917 Espionage Act with unprecedented vigor, prosecuting more people under that law for leaking sensitive information to the public than all previous administrations combined. Obama’s Justice Department dug into confidential communications between news organizations and their sources as part of that effort,” reported the Associated Press.

Since Trump does not mince words in his hatred of the biased news published by CNN, we are glad that we have a President who calls the media out in front of everyone and does not run the Espionage Act on them in the background.

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Emmy Skylar

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