North Korea supplies equipment for chemical weapons to Syria

A report of the United Nations shows that North Korea has been sending equipment to Syria, which could be used to produce chemical weapons. According to this report, about 40 unregistered shipments were sent between 2012 and 2017.

Materials include acid-resistant tiles, valves and tubes. The report, still to be published in the media, states that Korean missile specialists were seen at Syrian arms production centers.

Activists blamed the government and artillery airstrikes, while Russia said that the rebels had shelled a “humanitarian corridor” not allowing the civilians to leave.

What are the allegations against North Korea?

North Korea has been placed at the center of international sanctions due to  its nuclear program.

Stéphane Dujarri spoke for the New York Times, saying that he thinks “the main message is that all member states have a duty and responsibility to comply with the sanctions that are in place “.

In a 2017 report, which is available for the public, the group said it was “investigating the delivery of banned chemical missiles, ballistic missiles and conventional arms ” between Syria and North Korea.

It was reported that two UN member states had seized Syria-related shipments and that the goods were suspected of being supplied by North Korea. The Syrian government told the UN panel, that only the North Koreans who are present in Syria are sports coaches and athletes.

Experts say that North Korea has long offered military supplies and armaments around the world in exchange for cash.

The UN report is said to emphasise North Korean efforts on illegal trade with dozens of countries and groups in the Middle East, North Africa and Latin America. Syria and North Korea have had military ties for ten years now.

US President Donald Trump last week said that “Washington was imposing a number of new sanctions in North Korea” targeting more than 50 ships and shipping companies from several countries.

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