Nikki Haley’s resignation will leave a positive mark on the US

It is not often that we see a dedicated and strong woman with determination lead an international forum full of diverse groups and leave an impression on them. Nikki Haley has been an inspiration for all of us during her tenure as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. She has been doing her work day in and day out, but just like all good things come to an end, Haley’s stint at the global arena is also nearing its end.

While there had been extensive media reports of Nikki Haley resigning from her post, President Trump recently confirmed the news and said that Haley would be resigning from her post and leaving the administration by the end of this year. Trump confirmed the news on Tuesday and also took time out to praise the Ambassador for services rendered to the state and to the administration.

Trump termed Haley as a very special individual who has helped them solve numerous problems in the global arena. While the exact reason behind Haley’s resignation still seems to be unknown, Trump says that Haley told him some 6 months ago that she will need time off from the job by the end of this year.

Ambassador Haley has shown great negotiating and public speaking skills that eluded her predecessors from the Obama era. In her form, we had a representative in the United Nations, who always put America first. Her stance on the issue of Israel and Jerusalem was praised worldwide, and her negotiating skills were proven.

Haley has also played an important role in unveiling the malignant behavior of the Iranian regime and uncovering the terrorist proxies run by them. She surely will be missed after the end of this year.

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