Muslim Court Canes Malaysian Women for Same-Sex Relationship

In an abhorrent display of legal standards, a Malaysian Muslim court has subjected two women in a same-sex relationship with a punishment delivered through lashes. The video of the two women being canned has surfaced across social media, giving an in-depth view of the depleting legal standards within the country.

The women who were convicted of lesbian relationships by the Muslim court were struck six times each with a rattan cane. This was done in front of witnesses, as per the orders of the Shariah High Court.

The lynching comes only four months after the recent elections, which saw Malaysia’s governing body being ousted for the first time in its history.

Despite the tall claims of liberalization in politics, this incident has hinted towards the deep-rooted hatred present within Malaysia’s society.

Gwen Lee, who is the interim executive director for Amnesty International in Malaysia, spoke on the issue and mentioned a statement, “caning is a form of torture, and to inflict this brutal punishment publicly on two people for engaging in consensual, same-sex relations, sends Malaysia back to the Dark Ages.”

Malaysia, which is a Muslim-majority country, has both civil courts and Shariah courts. The Shariah courts apply onto to Muslims.

The women, who aren’t yet identified by reports, are believed to be aged 22 and 32 respectively. They were caned by a female prison officer, as per the reports of a Malaysian news outlet.

While the older woman did not even flinch at the blows, and maintained her calm, the younger woman couldn’t quite hold herself and started crying once the blows were inflicted on her.

Representatives of the Shariah law have come to the defense of the punishment and have mentioned that the blows weren’t meant to hurt or injure the women, but to set a precedent for others to follow.

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